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Scott Brown's Hit List

The 10 hottest topics for the week of August 18, 2006

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1 Gretchen Mol wishes she’d never been hyped Who?

2 Hootie releases DVD It is the band’s lightly used Chronicles of Riddick and it is selling for $4.75, or beer.

3 Study says raunchy music seems to induce teen sex Sure didn’t when I covered 2 Live Crew on my Casio back in 1989.

4 Jennifer Lopez drops out of Dallas movie She also announced she was retroactively dropping out of Enough, Gigli, and Angel Eyes.

5 Barry Manilow injures both hips With one out of action, he could still do ”Mandy,” but this is a disaster.

6 Is Pam Anderson pregnant already? Horrors. Even the whiff of premarital sex would be enough to wreck Pam’s image.

7 ”Mel Gibson” rant ringtone now available If you’re at temple, do everyone a favor and put it on vibrate.

8 Britney reportedly wants to get into the clothing biz with Charlie Sheen Sheen replied that he would like to get her OUT of the clothing biz, if she knew what he meant. He then had an assistant arch his eyebrow for him.

9 Rob Schneider, in anti-Gibson Variety ad, publicizes his half-Jewishness This is a bit off topic, but which half made Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo?

10 Fake Paris Hilton nude in September Playboy Is someone suggesting there’s a real Paris Hilton?