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''Making the Band 3'': Danity Kane live

On the season finale of ”Making the Band 3,” the girls wear some questionable outfits to their first big concert, but ultimately put together a pretty impressive show

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”Making the Band 3”: Danity Kane live

It’s finally here: the season finale of Making the Band 3. Our girls are all grown up and they’re ready to release an album. Well, almost ready — they still had to get through their debut performance as Danity Kane. The day began a little iffy, with rain storms blanketing New York, but the weather finally cleared just in time for the DK ladies to take to the stage.

But let’s back things up a bit. The girls began readying for their first big concert in the dance studio with Laurie Ann and, most importantly, some new male dancers. The girls were all aflutter once again. Diddy needs to find these ladies some men instead of diamond crucifixes. I think that would have been a more appropriate gift.

While we’re on the subject of those Tiffany necklaces, I love that Diddy gave one to Laurie Ann, too. She is like the sixth member of this band. I kinda want a reality show in which Laurie Ann and Diddy get engaged and live together. It could kind of be like My Fair Brady, except it would be called My Fair Diddy. Come on, MTV! The audience would totally be there. Or at least I would be, and that’s all that really matters.

The diamond necklaces were blingin’, but that wasn’t the only item sparkling on last night’s episode. How about Betty Wright’s bedazzled hat? That was pretty fabulous. I love that lady. She has been a welcome addition to the Making the Band 3 family. She should definitely be a guest star on My Fair Diddy (I like talking about it as if it’s a real show).

The performance itself was good, although I’m not sure about some of these songs. To me, they didn’t come off as catchy or particularly memorable. And who is styling these girls? Those white jackets were atrocious, and Aundrea was wearing a leotard. Madonna can’t even pull those off, so I think it’s a safe bet that Aundrea might have trouble with it, too. And I kinda thought D. Woods looked like a TGI Friday’s waitress in those suspenders. Anyone else feel that way? All she was missing was flair. Still, the girls look like they might actually have what it takes to be successful, despite that horrible name. Seriously, they had to repeat that name, like, three times during the performance. And they even made the audience repeat it back to them. Not the best sign, but I’m hoping these girls stick around for a long time. And it would be great if those MTV cameras kept following them.

What did you think of the season finale? Will Danity Kane will be successful? Would you want another season of Making the Band 3?