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Gloves make a fashion comeback in Hollywood

Gloves make a fashion comeback in Hollywood — We track the trend over the years

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As recent record heat waves swept the nation, it’s a wonder anyone’s been wearing pants, let alone covering their palms in anything resembling fabric. Yet the latest sartorial trend is undeniable: Whether leather or lace, fingerless or zippered, haute or hot, red-carpet hounds and punk, manques alike love the glove. Madonna emerges from a disco ball with digits covered on her latest tour, Beyonce sports a plethora of hand warmers in her ”Deja Vu” video, and Lindsay Lohan finds fingerless haven in Chanel’s leather lookers. Here, a brief history of Hand’s Best Friend. Glove is in the air!

5th century B. C.
Greek scribe Herodotus offers the first glove-centered scandal in the story of Leotychidas, a Spartan king brought down by a bribe hidden in his handwear.*

In his sixth onscreen appearance, Mickey Mouse begins sporting his signature white gloves. Maybe a cartoon rodent’s naked paws just seemed a little unsanitary?

Petunia pink dress, oodles of carats, and elbow-length gloves to match: Cooing sexpot Marilyn Monroe influences millions — including a certain future Material Girl.

Another fan of the monochromatic look, Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly proves that all a girl needs with her black sheath and gloves is pearls, a pastry, and a good window seat.

Dr. Strangelove‘s mad scientist (played by Peter Sellers) falls victim to an independent-minded, leather-clad hand that switches between trying to choke him and hoisting a Nazi salute.

Diane Keaton’s tweedy menswear threads in Annie Hall change the fashion landscape; years later, she’s still marching to her own androgynous drumbeat — with nary a naked digit.

Noooo baaaare haaaands! Whether sleeping in moisturized mitts or maniacally scrubbing the bathroom floor, Faye Dunaway’s Joan Crawford seldom lets Mommie Dearest go without.

Back when epaulets and aviators were as odd as Michael Jackson got, the Thriller-era rhinestone-encrusted glove became his signature — and helped showcase his thrilling moves.

Spinal Tap, the world’s favorite mockumentary rockers, are bereaved when their Smell the Glove album cover (a woman on all fours, a black glove, a pound of body grease) is deemed too racy.

Lace never looked so naughty: Devotees ape Madonna’s rubber bracelets, ballet-trash layers, and lopsided hair bows. It’s the fingerless arm warmers, however, that seal the deal.

La Lohan sports the finger-free leather look designed by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld for a photo op, while Paris Hilton test-drives a highly impractical fingers-only model in white leather.

Kelly Clarkson spreads the glove and pays homage to a few of her childhood pop idols by donning a single bare-fingered mitt during her recently wrapped Addicted tour.

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