August 04, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Making the Band”: Making the video

Like anyone seeking fame, the ladies of Danity Kane eventually had to head to Los Angeles, and last night was their fateful trip. After they landed at LAX and were driven to their fancy new digs, Aubrey asked a very MTV-friendly question: ”Is this the hills?” I half expected Lauren and Heidi to show up and bring the ladies a neighborly basket of muffins. Or at least a VIP pass to one of Brent Bolthouse’s clubs.

The ladies’ first stop on the L.A. tour was a series of radio interviews. For some reason they were all dressed as if they had just gotten off a cruise ship in the Bahamas. Aubrey was wearing this ginormous flower in her hair, which she also rocked in the show’s own interview segments. Um, honey, that is not cute. Why have we not met their stylist? I have a feeling that individual is hiding from the cameras out of shame. The highlight of the day was when the ladies revealed the group’s name to the DJs and were met with blank faces. No one understood Danity Kane, and quite honestly I still don’t get the story. When did Dawn start drawing comic books?

Next the band headed to the dance studio for a session with Laurie Ann. The best Laurie Ann scenes involve her having a meltdown, and this meeting did not disappoint. When the girls showed up unprepared, Laurie Anne let the rage out. I liked the ”We’re not strippers” comment she made when the girls were vamping it up too much. But eventually the ladies, showing what pros they are, pulled it together and made Laurie Anne proud.

The following day was the big video shoot, which I found pretty disappointing. It looked like a clichéd hip-hop video, with girls in bikinis, hot cars, and Louis Vuitton. I just think it takes more than that to break out, and I’m a little surprised Diddy didn’t push for something creative. The best scene looks to be the dance sequence, which they shot after shutting down Hollywood Boulevard. Granted, they had horrible outfits during the entire scene (why must Aubrey always opt out of wearing a bra?), but the dance routine looked hot and seemed to please everyone, Diddy included. The one big bummer, though, was that we didn’t see the end result. What’s up with that, MTV? I suppose the network is holding it for a Making the Video special, but that seemed kinda lame.

Next week, sadly, is the season finale, which looks like it will be a doozy, complete with flash floods. But I don’t think I’m prepared to say goodbye to my Danity Kane girls yet.

What do you think? Did the video seem promising? Will Danity Kane be successful? And do you want to see another season of the girls’ continuing adventures?

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