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Are these the 50 best comedies of all time?

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151111__rushmore_lWhat happens when the Internet is full of lists? List-eria — like, “hysteria,” right? Except with lists — cuz we’re all, like, crazy for lists, right? Crazy, and maybe a just tad nauseated. (The best part of this coinage is, it comes with absolutely no negative associations.)

So what’s the latest, shall we say, outbreak of listeria? It’s in the pages of Premiere magazine, which has ranked the 50 greatest comedies in that least controversial of orders: chronological. Not that there won’t be controversy: Any list that privileges Zoolander over Tootsie is going to kick up more than its fair share of dust. But what can be done? It’s a little of the 50 greatest movie comedies of… ever (including Rushmore, pictured). In any language. (By my count, only one foreign entry made the cut.) You’d never see a list of “the 50 greatest dramas” — it’d be deemed far too nebulous a category. Yet comedy, as always, gives the illusion of classifiability.

But this is what “list-eria” is all about: rowdy debate. And, according to the CDC, vomiting. Indulge in both below.

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