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'Life on Mars': A heartfelt retraction

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95326__mars_l_1Well, what were you expecting: journalism?

Sorry, that’s the wrong tone. Let me begin again. Yesterday, I misled my readers. I didn’t do my homework. I printed something half-assed, incomplete, flat-out WRONG.

I was rhapsodizing about Life on Mars, a retro British cop noir gently dusted with sci-fi. “Remake this!” I hooted, without taking the very easy, very logical step of Googling “life on mars” and “remake.” Which would have led me to news of the impending David Kelley-ized American version.

I regret the error, the laziness that caused it, and the mother who brought me screaming into this world. But I’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate the cleansing immediacy of the blog-o-sphere and laud the wiki-healing you all collectively perform by correcting errors in the factstream. You’re like tireless white blood cells, rushing en masse to eliminate a loathsome microbe. I am that microbe, and as such, I salute you, and hope you’ll soon be successful in eliminating me entirely.

[BLOGFATHER’S NOTE: Yeah, mea culpa too. But without all the weirdo bloodstream stuff.]

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