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HeadScratcher No. 51: This one bugged you!

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192614__antz_lSo what do Bruce Campbell, Phyllis Diller, Danny Glover, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricardo Montalban have in common? They’ve all provided the voices of ants in animated films. In Antz, Glover played Barbatus and Lopez played Azteca (pictured). Diller played The Queen in A Bug’s Life. And Campbell and Montalban both pop up in this week’s The Ant Bully.Congrats to Kerin Lou, who answered first and is hereby named queen of the PopWatch Ant Farm. In her speedy honor, this week I’ve listed the smarty-pants in the order they replied. (Everything’s a competition!)

(See the list of Kerin’s worker drones after the jump…)

Watch them lift 20 times their body weight!

Eliza McCall
Larry Goldman
Matt Kramer
La Toia Bates
Patrick A. Yearout
Mike Flohr
Vicki Ebberts
Holly Miller
Deitri Villarreal (who cracked, “Plus, J. Lo. was a ‘fly girl'”)
Alex Wolf
Steven Ludvickson
Joe Cortazzi
Andy Walker
Dan Peck
Michelle Fournier
Emily Galloway
Tianne Haines
Danielle Hayden
Katy Hollenbaugh
John Odalen
Todd LaPlace
Joel Fowler
Wendy Swiggett
Karen Sagun
Harold Reynolds
Tim Priester
Meg Weber
Jennie Fargo