Alisa Cohen
June 27, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

As the frowzy, needy other woman, Penélope Cruz chomps her gum and the scenery with equal ferocity. She’s the brightest spot in Don’t Move (a.k.a., Non ti Muovere, a predictable sudser that paints women as sacrificial lambs and men as cads with guilty consciences.

EXTRAS Don’t Move author Margaret Mazzantini’s ”Reflections” double as a flowery ode to husband Sergio Castellito, the film’s star/coscreenwriter/director. She also embraces the ”diaphanous” Cruz, who let her teeth yellow and armpit hair grow for the role. The actress reveals more of her methodology in screen-test excerpts, staring sullenly at the camera and learning to roll her Italian R’s.

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