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Lost Hearts in Italy

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Lost Hearts in Italy

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Andrea Lee
Random House

We gave it a B

”People fall in love in an instant, but it takes longer to fall out of love,” Andrea Lee writes of the three hearts ”hagridden by lust and jealousy” that swoon and crumble in Lost Hearts in Italy, a mildly engrossing un-love story. In dispassionate snapshots from the past 20 years, we follow Mira and Nick, a seemingly perfect American couple relocated to Rome, and Zenin, the Italian billionaire who seduces Mira. At the end of each chapter, Lee calls on a chorus of voices ā€” from Mira’s mother to a boutique saleswoman to a Mauritian girl on a beach ā€” to analyze these love fools. Ultimately, you crave more from the main players than the cacophony of voices passing judgment on them.