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The biggest lies on MTV?s ''The Hills''

The biggest lies on MTV?s ”The Hills” — We rate five unbelievable-seeming things on the reality show

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The biggest lies on MTV?s ”The Hills”

Love The Hills…but question ”the facts”? We grabbed some highlights from MTV’s Laguna Beach spin-off to gauge their faux-bulosity, with 1 being totally, boringly plausible and 10 being the very essence of cinema veri-fake style.

”Reality” Lauren nervously interviews for an internship at Teen Vogue, then sits anxiously by the phone, wondering if she got the job.
Reality For one thing, no way Teen Vogue turns down the free promotion. For another, Lauren is currently on the cover of the magazine.
Faux-bulosity 9

”Reality” One of Lauren’s bosses is a photogenic ”West Coast contributor” named Blaine.
Reality Turns out Blaine Zuckerman does have a contract with the magazine, but we doubt this glorified freelancer is in a position to order anyone around — especially a cover girl.
Faux-bulosity 3

”Reality” Roommate Heidi and her scenester-wannabe posse crash Teen Vogue‘s Young Hollywood party where Lauren is working.
Reality Lauren’s ”job” is to guard some chairs. And it’s not crashing if you know the girl at the door with the clipboard. Nice try.
Faux-bulosity 2

”Reality” Lauren, Heidi, and their scenester-wannabe posse get into a hot L.A. nightclub, despite the velvet-rope line.
Reality If our math is correct, Lauren and Heidi are both 19 years old. Perhaps the gals have fake IDs that list their birth dates as ”famous.”
Faux-bulosity 7

”Reality” Heidi has a fight with her boyfriend, Jordan; the next day, he and his buddy Brian take some time to shoot hoops and talk openly about their feelings.
Reality Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Boys do not talk openly about their feelings!
Faux-bulosity 10