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Jesus is just all right with the AFI

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The American Film Institute, which is among the nation’s top-10 list-making-and -releasing organizations, has released a new list: The 100 Most Inspiring Films of All Time. The media is in the process of ripping it apart, and has already found it conspicuously lacking in Jesus-ness.

Not a single Christ-centered film made the top 100 — no Passion, no Greatest Story, no Last Temptation even. Nor did any Spike Lee films. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, on the other hand, got serious representation. Bible-derived or -inspired films like The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur were honored, but they don’t have J.C. at stage center.

Is this enough to spark a new culture war? Gosh, I hope so. Because we haven’t had one of those in, like, five or six minutes. I’m jonesing. And let me just say this to the AFI: No Glitter? That movie and a three-liter Cherry Coke once inspired me to wet myself in a public theater. What gives?