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PopWatch is 1: The McVinci!

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164224__hair_l_1Can you believe it? It’s been a year since Entertainment Weekly enteredthe blogosphere. Let’s look back on some of our finest moments, shallwe?

The story: Introducing the McVinci! (March 1, 2006)

The backstory: Admit it: No matter how you feel about Dan Brown’s theory of the sacred feminine in The Da Vinci Code, I think we can all agree that Tom Hanks’ hair in the movie adaptation is the blasphemous masculine. It’s just a little off. I think we were trying to soften the blow by including he-hunks Kyle McLachlan and Patrick Dempsey in the mix, but the truth is, this was a raging case of chaetophobia (fear of hair).

(We’ll post a new fond memory every day until June 13, PopWatch’s official birthday. If you have a favorite, post it below.)