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Who's the worst supporting character on TV?

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Full House: Everett Collection

Who’s the worst supporting character on TV?

Who would you consider to be the worst supporting character on TV? My vote would be for Crystal on Rosanne. She is like nails on a chalkboard. —Chris

This is one of those lists that once started may never stop — so many of TV’s supporting characters are cookie-cutter wacky friends that seem designed to annoy (yet have gathered cult followings I must assume are ironic.) What to make of the popularity of Dave Coulier’s Uncle Joey on Full House, he of the least funny signature line in history: ”Cut. It. Out.” (If only.) Then there are those supporting characters that are the opposite of obtrusive, that are in fact so barely there you wonder if they continue appearing from season to season just because the writers have forgotten about them. The most curious of these is The Shield‘s incredibly quiet unmenacing Ronnie (David Rees Snell), the Zeppo of Mackey’s Strike Force, who has had maybe two small story lines in the entirety of the series.

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