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Exclusive! Our shoot with Jen and Vince

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, photographed exclusively for EW by Gavin Bond, talk to Joshua Rich about dating, divorce, and the excitement over their ”Break-Up”

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You’ve read all about them in the tabloids and watched Lord-knows-how-many reports about their romance on TV. But here’s one fact about Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston that you probably haven’t heard a lot: They make one hell of an odd couple.

That was evident earlier this month, when the actors took separate breaks at separate ends of Los Angeles to discuss the romantic comedy on which they met a year ago.

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Aniston breezes into her luxurious office in Beverly Hills and snags a bottle of water that her assistant has set out on the counter. The bright room contains stylish furnishings and expensive works of art. A natural sisal area rug emits the faintest smell of hay. Aniston is tan and looks uncommonly healthy, and she wears a casual vest that exposes her trim arms. She smiles and perches herself attentively on the edge of a white sofa, ready to answer queries about her life and career, which she does with succinct words and refreshing frankness.

Twenty-four hours later, Vaughn appears in the doorway of his dim workplace in the San Fernando Valley. A bare desk crowds one corner, a TV sits askew from the wall, and a Wedding Crashers poster rests on the floor. The room smells like stale tobacco. Wearing a Notre Dame T-shirt, his hair mussed, he sinks his imposing 6-foot-5 frame deep into a brown rec-room couch, taps on a pack of cigarettes, and fires up a smoke. He’s never enjoyed sharing details of his personal life, he notes in his rapid, punctuation-averse cadence, but he offers to try: ”Feel free to ask me anything.”

Hey, man, don’t worry, we will.