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Guess Who No. 5: Rocky Horror Picture Crowe

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17570__guess_l“Meatloaf?” asked PopWatcher Patricia McManus. Well, no, but you’re on the right track, believe it or not. Because it was the Loaf who played the role of Eddie, the abusive biker/murder victim, in the film adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Said clever PopWatcher Daphne Perkins: “Edward Scissorhands + Herman Munster x Sheena Easton (the “MorningTrain” hair) = Russell Crowe,” who, early on in his career, also played Eddie in a Down Under stage production of the audience-participation-encouraging favorite.

You made me proud, blogchildren! I received a record 600+ responses on this one, chock full of tired anger management and Proof of Life jokes that crashed into my frontal lobe like so many hotel phones. (And yes, I read every single one, and my doctor says I can stop using the drops in about 7-10 days.)

(Click the jump for more side-splitting, knee-slapping comedy…)

addCredit(“Guess Who Recent: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com”)

Approximately, er, 600 percent of you got it right. PopWatcher Eve Picard winsthis week’s Speedo Bandito Award for coming up with the correct answer first. Otherwise, thereare just too many big-brains out there to name. (Sorry, I understandthe narcissistic thrill of seeing your name in print — see below.)

A few free spirits did guess incorrectly: Ricky Gervais; Mel Gibson;Charlie Sheen; Kiefer Sutherland, Patrick Swayze, and, um, Steve Martinwere among the most popular wrong answers. A small but demented group ofyou claimed the mystery celebrity’s “crazy eyes” gave it away, and thatit had to be… Tim Robbins? Others went for a disturbingly offbeat choice: American Idol judge SimonCowell, “because he frightens and intrigues me,” said one. (Be rightback — have to go boil my keyboard…)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the answer to today’s Guess Who — so far not too many correct answers, so answer now, and wipe that smug smile of superiority off this blogfather’s face!

P.S. The Bullies are back! Stay tuned…