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Scott Brown's Hit List for the week of May 26, 2006

The 10 hottest topics for the week of May 26, 2006

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1 Britney says her baby is her religion This explains the faith-based approach to car seats.

2 Dogs trained to sniff for pirated DVDs The dogs are adept at sniffing out Star Wars prequels, then rolling in them.

3 James Frey says second book is only partly true On the whole, though, Prove I Didn’t Just Totally Cure Cancer is rigorously factual.

4 Paris Hilton videogame to debut Midgame, Paris stops to take a call. Donkey Kong looks pissed.

5 Sharon Stone requests shoes for poor children Poor children request panties for Sharon Stone.

6 Ashlee Simpson won’t discuss alleged nose job And overnight, ”Pieces of Me” goes from crap to literal-minded crap.

7 Stern, CBS near settlement It involves the transfer of several million stripper midgets to the Caymans.

8 Stallone wants 8-foot Rocky statue on the steps of a Philly museum The city, however, cites separation of Stallone and state.

9 Brangelina reportedly mulling a line of African housewares Finally, subsistence-farming products tailored to the needs of wealthy celebrities.

10 David Blaine now wishes to ”live harmoniously among wild beasts” David Blaine: Eaten by Leopards is expected to be his biggest ratings bonanza yet.