Whitney Pastorek
May 19, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

In With the Out Crowd

Current Status
In Season
London, Sire
Reggae/Ska, Rock
We gave it a C+

Hey, kids, wasn’t 1996 the awesomest? To recapture those halcyon days, look no further than the sixth studio album from this Florida-based ska-punk band. Less Than Jake have almost completely abandoned the more mature sound they discovered on 2003’s Anthem (the one exception is the contemporary emo track ”Hopeless Case”), choosing instead to pogo their way through 12 songs that don’t much stray from the standard chucka-chucka guitars/horn-section format. Even ”Rest of My Life,” which jumps off to attempt something like the Cure, doesn’t get far before succumbing to the formula. They may win the nostalgia vote, but In With the Out Crowd is a step back.

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