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Do you like any of TV's current gross-out shows?

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Do you like any of TV’s current gross-out shows?

Seems like there’s so much gross-out TV on these days. Do you find any of those shows worth watching? —Corrine Densmore

It’s not technically gross-out humor, but it can be mesmerizingly icky to watch: I’m talking about Discovery Channel’s bright idea of a series, Dirty Jobs. Congenial host Mike Rowe profiles workers who do for a living things we wouldn’t want to do for a day. A recent episode looked at a 60,000-turkey farm, which had Rowe feeding chicks, weeding out dead turkeys, and helping turn the ex-turkeys into compost. Later in the hour-long show, he visited a waste-treatment plant, where an employee of 11 years warned him against hazards like engulfment and drowning. ”The raw sewage is flowing with extreme prejudice,” he reported. Rowe isn’t afraid to yelp or grimace — and who can blame him — but he’s also wonderfully curious. Most importantly, he’s friendly toward and respectful of the people who hold these undesirable but necessary jobs, people who generally turn out to be surprisingly good humored.

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