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Guess Who! No. 2: The mole knows

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115655__guess_l_1It’s Charlize Theron, of course! More than 100 of you recognized her from this 1995 Robert-Palmer-video audition tape, er, modeling shot — black hair, caterpillar eyebrows, cig, and all. We won’t discuss the large number of you who knew it was the Oscar winner because of the prominent mole on her neck. Because that’s just creepy. Stalkers!

addCredit(“Guess Who: Phillip Wong/Retna”)


As for incorrect guesses, though, a lot of you fell for the pillowy lips and guessed Angelina Jolie. But if you’ve seen actual photos of a young Jolie, you know that herlips were actually even pillowier. Like four-star hotel shams. Neck rolls. Believe it or not, she has grown into them. Otherrunners-up included a trio of blondes (ye of little natural-hair-color faith!): Sharon Stone, Susan Dey, andJodi Lyn O’Keefe.

Still more of you thought it was [insert nameof brunette actress here]. Pretty much anyone actually. Katie Holmes,Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Weisz, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, MonicaBellucci, Julianna Margulies, Natalie Portman, Karen Duffy (a.k.a. Duff), Denise Richards — you name it; one of you guessed her.

Answers that made me chuckle:

“the love child of Sandra Bernhard and singer Shelby Lynne” –Kathleen Jeffries

“Stuart Townsend” — Heather Maury

“Jennifer Grey post-nose job … that photo screams ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner'” — Connie L. Chilton

“k.d. lang going all Bob Fosse” — Emily Snider

(FYI, special props to Rahul Agarwal, Tandy E. Fleckner, Scott Sylva, Roger Wade, and Jarett Wieselman were the first five to reply correctly. Congrats, pervs superstars!)

Keep on your toes and stay tuned for more sporadic Guess Who action.

addCredit(“Charlize Theron: Chris Polk/AP”)