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How Bruce Willis makes his film titles count

How Bruce Willis makes his film titles count. EW gets the action star’s number — by finding a odd (and even) thread in his filmography

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Is Bruce Willis’ film career numbered? Absolutely. Beginning with his aptly titled maiden film, 1980’s The First Deadly Sin, and wrapping with his latest vehicle, 16 Blocks — which opened at $11.9 million last weekend — Willis has appeared in movies featuring every number from 1 to 10 in the title…except 8. (For numerology newcomers, you add the 1 and the 6 in 16 Blocks to make 7; the 12 in 12 Monkeys becomes 3.) Rosemary K. West, numerologist and author of By the Numbers: How Numbers Can Add Meaning to Your Life, sees no real significance to Willis’ digit-laden résumé, chalking up the pattern to coincidence. Really? Even with titles like The Fifth Element and The Sixth Sense? Well, she concedes, ”if his next film has an 8 in the title, I’ll start to think he’s doing it on purpose.” May we suggest a prequel to The Whole Nine Yards?