Amy Ryan
January 24, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

I’m inspired to put my Cranky Old Man hat and bib on today because, at a time when…

-the funniest thing on Saturday Night Live is Drew Barrymore making fun of her own wardrobe malfunction

-the most successful actor-turned-soul-singer is Jamie Foxx

-movie comedies’ obsession with bodily fluids makes the once-raunchy Animal House look like The Chronicles of Narnia

-Jim Belushi is a beloved sitcom star

-Dan Aykroyd’s most successful creative venture is a blues-themed restaurant chain

-the U.S. Senate appears so corrupt that ”Senator John Blutarsky” actually sounds like a good idea

…I miss John Belushi.

addCredit(“John Belushi: The Kobal Collection”)

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