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Taking the temperature of pop culture

Taking the temperature of pop culture — We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

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100F Potter explodes with series-high $102M bow — even with a PG-13. Hey, next time, go for an R!

80F William T. Vollmann wins National Book Award for 832-page Europe Central. Try reading (or lifting) it.

60F Fox becomes the final major studio to sign on to Movielink. Watching Rebound on your laptop: a dream come true.

40F NBC’s Poseidon Adventure remake lures 9.6M viewers, paling next to Housewives. Still up for the movie version?

20F Woody Harrelson is tired of his pothead rep. Actual quote: ”I try never to appear publicly stoned.”

0F Just six years in, Kelly Osbourne plans to retire, telling reporters she’s ”earned enough.”