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EW looks at TV's latest vanity projects

EW looks at TV’s latest vanity projects — We grade the personalized sign-offs of ”My Name is Earl,” ”Bone,” and two others

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TV producers, thy name is vanity. Most of them get personalized tags at the end of the credits, but do any of the new season’s sign-offs compare to that classic, ”Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog”?

1. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (CBS) Care for some education with your comedy? The postal pooch is actually based on Laika, the first Soviet dog in space. Says producer Craig Thomas: ”Hey, it’s a public service.” A-

2. BONES (Fox) Hart Hanson sticks to his Pacific Northwest roots, honoring poet Theodore Roethke’s work: ”It’s evocative writing — the kind you don’t get to do on television.” B

3. REUNION (Fox) After toiling in sitcoms for years, Jon Harmon Feldman now mocks the genre each week: ”The joke was I’ll be stuck forever on the worst but longest running show, ‘Oh That Gus!‘ It seems like the name of a character David Leisure might play.” B+

4. MY NAME IS EARL (NBC) Each week, a different pal of creator Greg Garcia is in the logo: ”People ask to be the picture and I’m thinking, There are 100 others going in before this yahoo.” A-