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Seinfeld: Seasons 5 & 6

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Bette Midler, Michael Richards, ...
Seinfeld: Barry Slobin

We gave it an A

Beginning with the show’s ascension to Cheers‘ Thursday-night time slot in 1993 and extending past the two-part 100th-episode celebration, Seinfeld: Seasons 5 & 6 boldly introduced outlandish lunacy (face-painting beaus, puffy shirts, Mel Torme) to the show’s trademark nothingness.

EXTRAS Still the master of its DVD domain, Seinfeld rolls out its winning combination of commentaries, interviews, outtakes, and deleted scenes. An all-things-George featurette reveals that Anthony Edwards and Nathan Lane were considered for the role, but bit player Bob Balaban notes ”how wonderful Jason was at being inept. I just love watching him fail.” Another gem is an alternative version of ”The Non-Fat Yogurt,” which would’ve aired if Rudy Giuliani hadn’t defeated David Dinkins in New York’s mayoral race. Good thing, since Dinkins’ rep (Dinkins had no intention of appearing) would have been played by Phil Morris, denying us his Johnnie Cochran-esque lawyer, Jackie Chiles. With a commemorative puffy shirt thrown in (the real one is housed in the Smithsonian), you can’t help enthusing: ”That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”