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Reviewing the reviews: 'Chicken Little'

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93317__chicken_lApparently, not everyone loves a “chick” flick. Movie reviewers across the country are hurling eggs this morning at Disney’s latest animated offering, Chicken Little. But before the studio’s execs start grilling director Mark Dindal about his creative vision, they should bear in mind this nugget of truth: It’s the public, and not the critics, who’ll decide if Chicken Little‘s got legs. So what do you think? Does the following bucket of headlines curb your appetite for Chicken? Or do you still think the movie looks finger-lickin’ good?

Madder than wet hens:
New York’s Daily News: ‘Chicken Little’ lays an egg
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Disney can’t strut over its ‘Chicken’
The Arizona Republic: ‘Little’ is fun, but Disney chickens out
Philadelphia Inquirer: Flustered peewee poultry in a production quite paltry

More cases of fowl play:
Contra Costa Times: ‘Little’ fowl-ups spoil classic
Box Office Mojo: Chicken Script Befallen with a Case of Bird Flu
San Jose Mercury News: Disney’s ‘Chicken’ nothing to crow about
Salt Lake Tribune: ‘Chicken Little’ hatches big laughs

Dinner and a movie, anyone?
Florida Today: ‘Chicken Little’ adventure cooks up big laughs
The Oregonian: One chicken nugget, divvied up two ways
Kansas City Star: ‘Chicken’ of the see
Calgary Sun: ‘Chicken Little’ a family treat

Shakin’ a tale feather:
Minneapolis Star Tribune: ‘Chicken’ a fractured fairy tale
San Bernardino Sun: The quality is falling in ‘Chicken Little’
Akron Beacon Journal: Disney keeps sky from falling
The Star-Ledger: ‘Chicken Little’ clucks and Disney’s sky falls
Los Angeles Daily News: The sky is the limit

They’ve seen Pixar movies, and, well…
Seattle Times: Sorry, kids, ‘Chicken Little’ is no ‘Finding Nemo’
Boston Globe: ‘Chicken Little,’ you’re no ‘Toy Story’

Yes! Somebody used ‘amok’ in a headline!
Albany Times-Union: ‘Chicken Little’ plot runs amok

You guys are no pun at all!
The London Free Press: Sci-fi spoof and life lessons combine in ‘Chicken Little’

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