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Our critics debate ''Noah's Arc''

Our critics debate ”Noah’s Arc” — EW’s Tim Stack and Nicholas Fonseca argue over Logo’s new drama

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Our critics debate ”Noah’s Arc”

Logo’s drama Noah’s Arc (Wednesdays at 10 p.m.) fails to live up to its rich potential. This wretchedly acted travesty — about gay black men in L.A. — revisits old stereotypes (the promiscuous one! the flamboyant one!) and indulges in tawdry innuendos. (Noah tells a friend to hold the cream in his coffee, and his pal replies, ”I’d love to.”) Here’s a suggestion, Logo: Pull ideas from your documentaries, like the one about the implications of two women coming out later in life. C’mon, it’s time to get ambitious. D- — Tim Stack

Sorry, Tim, but no matter how well-intentioned, a series about two older, newly out lesbians could never put Logo on viewers’ radar quicker than this well-paced piece of fluff. Yes, the writing is atrocious, the acting subpar, and the setup a Sex and the City rehash. But I appreciate Arc for having the courage to tell its predictable story within a complicated milieu that’s at once gay, urban, and African-American. I mean, did the toned gym bunnies on Queer as Folk even have black friends? C+ — Nicholas Fonseca