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How video game flicks could level up

How video game flicks could level up — EW’s Neil Drumming picks the games he’d like to see made into movies

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Developing a hit videogame into a good movie isn’t easy. (See Doom — um, or don’t.) But with the announcement that Oscar hoarder Peter Jackson will be exec-producing the film version of Halo, it looks like Hollywood isn’t giving up. Hey, maybe sharper talent is just what the videogame- adaptation business needs. We’d like to suggest a few possibilities of our own.

RAINBOW SIX For the adventures of Tom Clancy’s elite globe-trotting antiterror commandos, round up some spirited, international hunks — Olivier Martinez, Vincent Cassel — and let Mr. & Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman go nuts with the guns and buddy banter.

KATAMARI DAMACY A little prince charged with balling up enough matter to remake the stars? Bringing this balancing act to the screen requires some off-kilter talent. We see The Brothers Grimm‘s Terry Gilliam directing Johnny Depp. Oh, and perhaps a story line.

THE SIMS Reteam Michel Gondry with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind star Kate Winslet as an amnesiac trying to build a new life for herself. With the discovery of a strange prism, she begins to suspect that mysterious forces control her every move.