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A brief history of Cinema's Spanish swordplay

A brief history of Cinema’s Spanish swordplay — We look at ”The Legend of Zorro,” ”Gladiator,” ”Highlander,” and more

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In reality, the best Spanish swordsmen typically come from Spain. In movies, they come from the British Commonwealth. Herewith, a brief history of Anglo-Spanish swordplay.

THE LEGEND OF ZORRO Catherine Zeta-Jones is from Wales. Just up the road from Spain on the left.

GLADIATOR As close to Latin as Aussie Russell Crowe will ever get, unless his band covers Menudo.

THE MASK OF ZORRO No one says ”España!” like Sir Anthony Hopkins, a tapas bar of pure Britishness.

HIGHLANDER(S) Sean Connery played a shwordsman from Shpain’s famed Shcottish Dishtrict.