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G, Blair Underwood


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Gerald Levert

We gave it a C

The Great Gatsby was famously bungled in the pulseless 1974 movie with Robert Redford. G, which updates the story with an African-American cast, is another strikeout, further destroying F. Scott Fitzgerald’s film batting average. Shot in 2001 and produced by Ralph Lauren’s son Andrew, it features good work from Richard T. Jones (The Wood), burning quietly as Summer G, a hip-hop mogul fond of mood swings and loud parties at his Hamptons mansion. Summer’s in love with Sky (Chenoa Maxwell), a fellow Hamptonite, but Sky — the movie’s Daisy — is a runaway conceptual mess. She’s still rich and gorgeous, and still married to a lout (Blair Underwood). But now she’s proud and serious and fierce, a positive spin that renders her decision to break Gatsby’s heart completely nonsensical. The new dumb, soapy, twist ending is set at an ”all-white” party at the manse, fueling the marginally entertaining notion that Summer is a very thinly disguised Diddy.