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Office Space: Special Edition With Flair!

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Ajay Naidu, Ron Livingston, ...
Office Space: Van Redin

Office Space

Current Status:
In Season
89 minutes
Wide Release Date:
Jennifer Aniston, Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Stephen Root
Mike Judge
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Mike Judge
Comedy, Romance

We gave it a B+

An Office Space with only eight deleted scenes? Okay, not so ungenerous — just a letdown for us cultists who harbored the fantasy that maybe, àla Spi¨al Tap, there was a three-hour rough cut floating around. The comic gold comes fast — well, medium-paced — and furious in Mike Judge’s first live-action feature, which should go further than any other artifact toward explaining the white man’s burden to our puzzled descendants. Curiously for a pic in which even tiny performances are gems, it only really made a star of the red Swingline, a mythical item until Space‘s initial DVD’s popularity forced such a stapler into existence. EXTRAS Outtakes include two different fates for Gary Cole’s ultimate passive-aggressive boss. Fresh interviews revisit all the leads except Aniston — and you know you wonder what Stephen Root, who played unknowingly unemployed Milton, really looks like. Maddeningly, Judge’s old ”Milton” ‘toons aren’t here; SNL probably wouldn’t grant rights, but it still gives us a case of the Mondays. Thanks to studio shortsightedness, the DVD-ROM content plays only on PCs, though we’d prefer to think that’s a clever in-joke about Mac users’ frustration in a Windows-only office.