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Don't Get Too Comfortable

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Don't Get Too Comfortable

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David Rakoff
Nonfiction, Essays

We gave it a B-

Anyone who’s read 2001’s Fraud knows David Rakoff can be a laugh riot. Like his AV-nerd comrades in the NPR smarty-pants mafia (David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, etc.), he can turn adenoidal self-deprecation into rim-shot prose till the cows come home. And in his new collection, Don’t Get Too Comfortable, the Rakoff formula still works…until it doesn’t. Whether he’s writing about becoming an American citizen (he’s Canadian), tagging along on a soft-core Playboy shoot in Belize, or comparing flights on the Concorde and Hooters Air, Rakoff can be a witty tour guide. But after a while, so much smug sarcasm becomes grating — he finds a way to crap on just about every new experience and suck the fun right out of it.