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Who will play J.R. Ewing?

Who will play J.R. Ewing? — We speculate who will headline the big-screen version of ”Dallas”

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Ewing. J.R. Ewing. It doesn’t have the same ring as 007’s catchphrase, but speculating about who’ll be cast as the sinister oil baron made infamous by Larry Hagman for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the prime-time soap Dallas is Hollywood’s favorite guessing game after who’s in line to be the next James Bond. John Travolta is reportedly the J.R. front-runner, with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Matthew McConaughey possibly in line for wife Sue Ellen and brother Bobby. Original Lucy Ewing Charlene Tilton is pushing for a casting twist for her Lolita-esque character: ”Hire the Olsen twins. It’s gonna take two people to fill my shoes.” Screenwriter Robert Harling promises no such stunts, but don’t expect a strictly faithful remake. ”We’re starting from scratch,” he says. ”We’ll see the Ewing clan in 2006. Nothing is borrowed — except an unbelievable dynasty on a ranch called Southfork that basically rules the world.” So far his biggest hurdle is not getting trumped by current events. ”When dramatizing the antics of power-mad superrich Texans, you have to scramble to stay ahead of the headlines,” he says. ”I come up with ideas and the next week it’s in The New York Times.”