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Sister act Smoosh show indie kids how it's done

Sister act Smoosh show indie kids how it’s done. Asya’s 13, Chloe’s 11, and they’ve already played with Pearl Jam and Sleater-Kinney

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Their tongues a radioactive orange from swigging sodas, Seattle indie-pop duo Smoosh gush over toddlers kicking a ball on a Brooklyn soccer field. ”Awww,” they coo. ”They’re so cute!” Which is precisely the reaction singer-keyboardist Asya, 13, and her sister, drummer Chloe, 11, get themselves. Nurtured by Chloe’s music teacher (and current Death Cab for Cutie drummer) Jason McGerr, Smoosh, who’ve been a band for five years, have earned a sizable cult following and opening spots for Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney, and Rilo Kiley on the strength of their bouncy, self-penned debut, She Like Electric. Last night they enjoyed one last hurrah (one well past their bedtime), playing at New York’s Bowery Ballroom with Sufjan Stevens — before heading home for school. But first, Asya and Chloe joined EW to ruminate on having the coolest extracurricular activity of all time.

You were up until 3:30 a.m. Do you have a regular bedtime?
CHLOE: Well, for schooltime we do. Last year, when I used to be in elementary school, I hated it when our dad was like, ”Hey, guys, 9:45. You have to go to bed.”
ASYA: That was because if we went to bed late, we’d be crabby.

So were you crabby this morning?
C: Me and Asya were fighting in the bathroom, brushing our teeth. I’m so glad I’m not my dad: He had to bring in all the stuff from the car that might get stolen.

Do your friends ever go to your shows?
A: Sometimes. They think it’s their night out and dress all rockstarish. But we don’t really have young fans because they don’t appreciate our style of music. We mostly have old fans. [Looks at the EW writer] Well, not old.
C: Some kids at school pretend they hate my band. There’s this guy — I hate it when guys act immature — he’s really ugly and stuff and used to have a crush on me, um, and used to be mean: ”I bet you’re missing school tomorrow, ’cause of your stupid band.”

Is it weird that your drum teacher’s band is big on The O.C.?
C: If [Seth Cohen] liked us, I’d be sooo happy.
A: We don’t have cable, so it’s hard to watch The O.C. Terrible signals.
C: I don’t know if I should say this, but I used to not like Death Cab. I mean, I liked the people, but not the sound of their music. Now they’re one of my favorite bands…. We used to be crazy for Hanson. We were tomboys: I wanted to be Zac, and Asya wanted to be Taylor. [Laughs] Now Asya always reminds me of Taylor.