Miranda July: Robin Holland/Corbis Outline
August 22, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Summer’s movie-star MVPs: Miranda July

Age 31

Position Writer-director-star of indie Me and You and Everyone We Know

Season highlights Only a multimedia performance artist whose previous projects boast titles like The Swan Tool could dream up such a fresh take on modern life. In her feature directorial debut, July stars as Christine, a video-installation artist who drives old folks around town to pay the bills and longs to feel connected to the people around her. Christine’s (or is it July’s?) world is so richly imaginative that even a pair of mass-produced ballet flats — sold by an equally lonely single dad (Deadwood‘s John Hawkes) — becomes a means of individual expression. This year’s Sundance jury gave July an award for ”originality of vision”; boy, were they right. Both poignant and witty, July makes the quirky universal.

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