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Summer's movie-star MVPs: Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie: Martin Schoeller/Corbis Outline

Summer’s movie-star MVPs: Angelina Jolie

Age 30

Position Graceful tabloid target and sleek married assassin in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Season highlights It looked like box office trouble for Mr. & Mrs. Smith when stories broke suggesting that Jolie was involved with her costar, Brad Pitt, even as his marriage to Jennifer Aniston unraveled. (Would audiences gawk with interest or cluck with disapproval?) But as a professional killer sharing a spousal household with fellow gun-for-hire Pitt, Jolie blew away all the naysayers with a witty, playful performance. Icily assaying her movie hubby’s moments of ineptitude and expertly deploying a kitchenful of carving knives with extreme prejudice, Jolie has helped kick the movie’s global gross toward $400 million — and bumped out Diana Rigg’s secret agent Emma Peel as the all-time sexiest action star in black leather.