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Julia Roberts is Dave Matthews' 'Dreamgirl'

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143154__jr_lNo wonder Julia Roberts made Dave Matthews Band’s ”Dreamgirl” video her first post-childbirth gig; apparently, it didn’t require her to get out of her nightdress or wash her hair. The clip premieres Wednesday at 11 on VH1, but you can see it already at VH1.com. The Dave Meyers-directed video sends a lank-haired Roberts drifting through a nightmare that has her sleepwalking around various New York City locations, pursued by a faceless man and sheltered by each member of DMB at moments throughout the dream.

It’s very conceptual, sorta like a-Ha’s ”Take on Me,” but without the pencil drawings. Somehow, I don’t picture Roberts onstage at next year’s MTV Video Music Awards, swiping a Moonman statuette from Matthews or Meyers and saying, ”I love my life!”

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