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Rating British TV fashions

Rating British TV fashions — We rate the wardrobes of UK shows like ”Cutting It” and ”Brand New You”

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Rating British TV fashions

Feathers are making a comeback. Stella McCartney might disagree, but that’s what this summer’s influx of U.K.-produced TV shows has taught us. We critique the best and worst sartorial choices.

Footballers Wive$ (BBC America) Unabashedly soapy, Footballers Wive$ also features hilariously over-the-top clothing. From Chardonnay’s Big Bird-inspired feather wedding dress to Tanya’s bedazzled blouses, these wives surely must be taking style cues from RuPaul. . .or The Golden Girls. But the flashy garb mirrors the outlandish plots and makes this prime-time serial — which, like its clothing, is so bad it’s good — even more enjoyable. A-

Cutting It (WE) Not as fun as those soccer housewives, this dramedy set in a hip Manchester hair salon sticks close to reality with wardrobes that reflect the characters’ personalities. Serious and stubborn, Allie plays it safe and sensible in mostly neutral colors, like her gray sweater/ skirt combo. Meanwhile, her flashy, flighty sister, Sydney, appears to dress by the motto ”Less is. . .less,” with her garish eye shadow and loud, floral, midriff-baring blouse. B

Brand New You (BBC America) If reality bites, so does its clothing. This unscripted series transports eight slovenly women to Beverly Hills and transforms them Swan-style through plastic surgery and fashion overhauls. While the joy on the women’s faces is moving, the clothes are cringe-worthy. In the July 24 episode, Nicola’s make-over wear included an ill-fitting green dress and yet another white-feathered wedding gown (from Chardonnay’s closet?). Guess brides of a feather. . .C-