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EW reviews four hot new albums

EW reviews four hot new albums — We take a closer look at new releases by Cardinal, Dungen, Mariza, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore

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EW reviews four hot new albums

CARDINAL Cardinal (Empyrean) The influential 1994 collaboration between Richard Davies (the Moles) and Eric Matthews is a modest but appealing set of ’60s-inspired pop with smooth harmonies and thoughtful arrangements. Here it’s reissued with 11 (mostly) worthy bonus tracks. B+Rob Brunner

DUNGEN Ta Det Lugnt (Kemado) This Swedish oddity is a meticulous homage to Age of Aquarius-era acid rock, down to the tube-amplifier hum and trippy flute. The aura of incense and bong water is so potent, you’ll swear it’s a lost tape from a sweet Hendrix-Iron Butterfly-Cream jam session. B+ — Michael Endelman

MARIZA Transparente (Times Square) Her boyish white-blond coif suggests a Lusophone Annie Lennox. But Mariza is a superstar of Portuguese fado, a bluesy traditional style halfway between flamenco’s fiery drama and bossa nova’s cool melancholy. This delicately orchestrated set announces a new world-music diva. A-Will Hermes

JIMMIE DALE GILMORE Come On Back (Rounder) The alt-country guru’s quivery tenor has been among the genre’s most moving voices since before there was a genre. Here, in tribute to his dad, Gilmore’s remakes of classic songs (via Johnny Cash, Hank Williams) are as singular as the originals. B+Will Hermes