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''Big Brother'': America has spoken

On ”Big Brother,” Kaysar wins the viewer vote over the short guy and the long shot. Now he has to decide whether to go after manipulative Maggie or newly single James

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Kaysar Ridha: Cliff Lipson

”Big Brother”: America has spoken

Surprised? Not really. We Kaysar lovers knew that we would ultimately prevail. (But with 82 percent of the 5 million votes? Egads!) I still tuned in to make sure that hell hadn’t frozen over and America didn’t allow Eric to return to the place where he had let his creep flag fly. Even the other houseguests found it highly improbable; Janelle wondered whether ”America ever really saw him storming through the house and acting like a child.” (But I’m a little sad for Michael. He is kinda smoking, and the dude did get an unfair deal with that whole sexual-harassment thing.) Anyway, goodbye, Cappy! Last season’s Survivor winner, Robo Tom, has gotta be embarrassed to share the same profession as you.

But the eviction — now that surprised me. I thought James’ veto actually provided Howie and the good guys with a new opportunity to disassemble the ”friendship” alliance and go after ghetto girl. Why didn’t Howie work his magic on April and Jennifer and get them to see the light? (And I mean do something other than rub Jennifer’s arm like she was a freakin’ cat. Did you see how she returned the favor Tuesday by picking at Howie’s back? Nice.)

But the friendship prevailed, and by a vote of 6 to 1, a tearful Sarah got the boot. God, what a waste of a vote, a waste of a week. The only thing threatening about Sarah was her inability to spell. She’s a nonentity, guys, just like that big ol’ boob Beau. Why was Ivette allowed to stay? Maybe to enjoy a last hurrah. Now that Kaysar is back, he’s sure to get busy on the friendship — unless he feels the need to take care of old business. Namely, James. Clearly, that sad sack suspects that his days are numbered or else he wouldn’t have stood back when Kaysar returned to sea of hugs and kisses. He even whispered to Kaysar, ”Dude, you and I have a lot to talk about,” when everyone ventured outside. God, the guy hasn’t even won head of household, and James is already afraid of his power!

Frankly, he should be. Whether Kaysar prevails in that ridiculous pressure-cooker competition (and I can’t speak for the other readers, but I hope you 24/7 feed folks post the victor immediately on this message board), I believe everyone will rally around Kaysar over the next week and try to get on his good side. And I expect April will be the first in line. I found it interesting that she said in the diary room how she’d benefit more from Kaysar’s return than from Eric’s — assuming that old wounds haven’t healed and Kaysar decides to strike back at Maggie rather than do what makes the most long-term sense.

Listen to me! Even I’m assuming that Kaysar will win HOH (and as of the time I filed this column, there were no winners). But judging by that hothouse, I think it’s safe to guess that sissies like Jennifer, April, and Beau won’t make it through the flies and whatever else is lurking in those other boxes, so we can count them out. Criminy! I can understand why BB made it an endurance competition, but I still hate this wait — mostly because it makes it virtually impossible to predict the players’ next move. Maybe a Saturday TV Watch is in order….

So what do you think? Will the friendship start to dissolve even before the next nomination ceremony? Is April starting to look a lot smarter than we gave her credit? Would you pick at someone’s back pimples if you knew you were on national television?