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User I.D.

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User I.D.

User I.D.

Current Status:
In Season
Jenefer Shute
Houghton Mifflin

We gave it an A-

It’s easy to yawn over news accounts of identity theft, but you will leap from your bed at midnight to change your e-mail password and cancel that rarely used Macy’s card after tearing through Jenefer Shute’s taut and delectable little thriller, User I.D.. Fat, frisky Charlene (she favors fake Cartier and Dr. Laura) steals the credit history of academic Vera de Sica (a red wine and Ibrahim Ferrer girl), using Vera’s info to buy gaudy jewelry and hack into her e-mail. Charlene constructs a glamorous fantasy about Vera that bears no resemblance to the depressed, impoverished professor, who finds herself feeling both horrifically violated and strangely drawn to the tasteless opportunist who has stolen her identity — and seemingly had more fun with it.