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Scarlett and Tara: Keeping the staff busy

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171413__tara_leditor1 (2:48:03 PM): omg she does totally look like tara reid
editor2 (2:48:22 PM): i know, right?
editor2 (2:48:32 PM): i’m so glad you said that — i thought i was going crazy
editor1 (2:48:56 PM): we should do a side by side
editor2 (2:49:32 PM): yeah — though i wish we had done it when “Island” was opening
editor1 (2:50:12 PM): yeah but now it’s getting in trouble for allegedly stealing an idea — how about we throw in an allegedly stolen look too?
editor2 (2:51:11 PM): ooh, i like that!
editor1 (2:51:31 PM): we should pitch it at 4
editor2 (2:51:54 PM): yes — i’m actually gonna send mickey this conversation now
editor1 (2:52:01 PM): ok