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My Date With Drew

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Brian Herzlinger, My Date With Drew

My Date With Drew

Current Status:
In Season
91 minutes
Jon Gunn, Brian Herzlinger, Brett Winn
Slow Hand Releasing

We gave it an F

A movie that would scarcely deserve a place on the bottom shelf of reality TV, My Date With Drew is an act of petty self-promotional chutzpah disguised as self-mockery. Its featured putz, Brian Herzlinger, is one of those charmless gasbag hustlers who fill up the background of every third party in L.A. Armed with $1,100 and a video camera, Herzlinger spends 30 days trying to penetrate the walls of showbiz flackery so that he can get a date with Drew Barrymore, his lifelong celebrity crush. Along the way, we’re expected to find this ”nice Jewish boy” adorable as he pesters his industry contacts, gets his blackheads squeezed by a facialist, and sings ”Walking on Sunshine,” all the while stealing looks into the camera so we can see how funny he finds himself. (At least someone’s laughing.) My Date With Drew is stupefyingly tedious and annoying, since even Herzlinger’s fixation on Barrymore comes off as a quasi-sham. What he really craves is a date with fame, a mistress destined to stand him up.