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Jen, Brad, and Billy Idol

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135742__bradidol_l”Billy Idol called. He wants his look back.”

–Jennifer Aniston, breaking her silence to Vanity Fair, offering one of the few unflattering things she has to say about her newly platinum-haired ex-husband-to-be

What if Brad Pitt (far left) wrote cool songs like Billy Idol (left) too? It might go a little something like this, hot off the PopWatch Imaginary Lyrics-o-Matic:

Hey little sister, what have you done?
Hey Angelina, where’s Ms. Aniston?
I’ve been away for so long…
Angie and Maddox, what fun
Two photo spreads — was that wrong?
It’s a nice day to… start again

Hey little sister, who’s your man with?
Hey little sister, it’s just Mrs. Smith
She’s just been there in my vicinity
I lack a chip for sensitivity
Please don’t get out your… shotgun…

addCredit(“Brad Pitt: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP; Billy Idol: Robert E. Klein/AP”)