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The Great American Pop Culture Quiz 1998

Test your knowledge from the year that brought us ”Out of Sight” and ”American History X”

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Seven years ago, Jennifer Lopez proved she was more than just a pretty face in Out of Sight, a modest film called American History X concluded its very bumpy ride to the big screen, and the good citizens of Minnesota made a garrulous grappler their governor. What else do you remember happening in 1998?

1 What was the name of the U.S. marshal played by Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight (as well as the title of a short-lived ABC series)?

2 Unable to find a distributor to release it in the U.S., the producers of Adrian Lyne’s controversial adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita made a deal to premiere the movie on what TV network?

3 Which of these musical artists did NOT release an album on Nov. 17, 1998, a crowded release date industry insiders called ”Super Tuesday”?

A Garth Brooks
B Gloria Estefan
C Method Man
D Mariah Carey

4 By what nickname was Minnesota governor-elect Jesse Ventura known in the wrestling ring?

5 What was the name of the best-selling poetry collection written by songstress Jewel?

6 At the Grammy ceremony in February, performance artist Michael Portnoy interrupted Bob Dylan’s set with what words painted on his bare chest?

7 What was the name of the overachieving prep-school student played so memorably by Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore?

8 Unhappy with the studio cut of his film American History X, Tony Kaye unsuccessfully lobbied the Directors Guild to release the movie with what pseudonym as director?

9 A coalition of cattlemen filed an $11 million lawsuit against what popular daytime TV star for on-air comments they alleged hurt sales of beef?

10 After filming scenes for her movie Brokedown Palace, Claire Danes described what city as being ”ghastly and weird”?

A Bangkok
B Hanoi
C Jakarta
D Manila


1. Karen Sisco; 2. Showtime; 3. B. Gloria Estefan; 4.”The Body”; 5. A Night Without Armor; 6. ”Soy Bomb”; 7. Max Fischer; 8. Humpty Dumpty; 9. Oprah Winfrey; 10. D. Manila