Nicholas Fonseca
July 15, 2005 AT 12:00 PM EDT

We grade the ”Dancing with the Stars” finale

Words? There are none. Wait, maybe there are: We were smitten with the duo at the heart of Dancing With the Stars‘ wide appeal — Seinfeld silly man John O’Hurley and classy Charlotte Jorgensen — so it’s hard to feel anything but outrage at Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo’s upset victory. (It seems O’Hurley agrees; sources say he threw a fit backstage.) The feisty (and that’s putting it nicely) General Hospital star improved vastly during Stars’ run, but her final-night platitudes (”This was about me stepping outside of my comfort zone”) left us cold, as did the judges’ boneheaded decision to award her perfect 10s. There’s no denying that Monaco’s fan base — maniacal GH fans — aided her win, but things got fishy when the ABC Daytime starlet announced she’d be celebrating at Disneyland, a theme park owned by her bosses. Something is seriously rotten in the state of televised dance-offs. The finale: C

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