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Two EW staffers debate over the latest TV finales

Two EW staffers debate over the latest TV finales — Tim Stack and Whitney Pastorek look at ”Lost,” ”American Idol,” and ”Alias”

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Lost: Mario Perez

We at EW spent most of last week arguing about The O.C.‘s season finale: Marissa shoots Trey — brilliantly shocking and tragic, or just plain dumb? So when tempers in the office flared again around the following week’s wrap-ups, we decided it was time to let you all in on the chatter. Tim Stack: What’s your deal, Whitney? Why do you love everything? Pollyanna. Whitney Pastorek: I’m a loyalist. Why are you such a hater? TS: It’s not hate. It’s tough love.


He Said Twenty-four episodes. Twenty-five hours of my life. Spent watching Lost. And for what? So I could find out the hatch was a deep hole? So I could know that white-trash hillbillies even live on deserted islands? And what’s up with the ”monster”? Is it a machine or some bad Predator rip-off? You promised answers, Abrams. You gave us Hurley running through an airport, sweating. A lot.

She Said Walt gets kidnapped! Crazy French chick steals babies! Arzt go boom! The best season of TV in a while, wrapped up in fine form, with so much suspense I spent most of the time gnawing on my hand. I have no problems with getting no answers (nine seasons of The X-Files more than prepared me for this sort of nonsense), as long as those compelling moments keep coming.