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Star Wars: Revelations

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Star Wars: Revelations

Current Status:
In Season
47 minutes
Karen Hammang, Gina Hernandez
Shane Felux
Panic Struck Productions
Sci-fi and Fantasy

We gave it a B-

Galactic fascism rises in Episode III, but democracy flourishes in the nerd-iverse: Star Wars: Revelations, a 47-minute amateur fan film made for a reported $20,000 (and available for free download at panicstruckpro.com), is most notable as a triumph of technological populism. George Lucas, in encouraging such creations, long ago opened the door to other people’s Wars stories, perhaps some superior to his own. Revelations is not one of those. In fact, director Shane Felux’s refreshingly gynocentric tale of an on-the-lam Jedi evading Imperial extermination remains faithful to Lucas’ weaknesses (jargon-choked exposition, womprat-in-the-headlights acting) as well as his strengths (painterly alien landscapes, sleek space battles). Revelations looks fantastic and sounds better: No revenge-of-the-synth here. Geek hearts will lift to see such nifty folderol enveloping average-Joe nonactors, as opposed to the professional nonactors of the prequels. It’s like wallflowering at the most authoritatively dorky theme party ever thrown.