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EW reviews four new albums

EW reviews four new albums — We take a closer look at titles by Prince Paul, Judee Sill, Little Barrie, and the original Broadway cast of ”Monty Python’s Spamalot”

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EW reviews four new albums


PRINCE PAUL Itstrumental It is not actually ‘strumental, if you’re wondering; instead, his royal hip-hop highness dishes out more of the pastiche-y vocal samples, turntable tricks, and compact beats he’s become known (and loved) for. Not an essential CD by any means, but still good fun. B

JUDEE SILL Dreams Come True Why would indie-rock tastemaker Jim O’Rourke remix rarities by a deceased ’70s folkie so obscure she made Leonard Cohen seem like an American Idol winner? Simple — Sill’s earthy, luminous songs (check out ”I’m Over”) make those of successors like Tori Amos seem truly overblown. B+

LITTLE BARRIE We Are Little Barrie They’re bluesy, they’re British, and they bestow their zillion-guitar rave-ups with hippy-dippy titles like ”Long Hair.” But this is no ’60s-throwback shtick, and Barrie’s wank-free credo makes for a bright, poppy debut. B

ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST Monty Python’s Spamalot On stage, it’s a smash hit; on disc, the Holy Grail musical is wholly under-whelming, despite droll lyrics like ”There’s a very small percentile who enjoy a dancing Gentile.” Put your cash toward two tickets and a Spam sandwich. C