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The ''Rize'' dancers talk to us about how to be krump

The ”Rize” dancers talk to us about how to be krump — We chat with stars of David LaChappelle’s new documentary about the flashy new style

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”To be krump, you gotta dress krump,” explains 17-year-old Cashe ”Daisy” Davis, whose flashy, hyperkinetic moves — and equally flashy attire — are featured in photographer- turned-director David LaChapelle’s documentary Rize (which played at the Tribeca Film Festival). ”Krumpfits” — clown-with-an-edge face paint, personalized dog tags, outrageously baggy pants — don’t restrict the South Central L.A. dance phenom’s frenetic, seizure-like moves and are unique to each dancer. ”We make up our own style of dress,” says Ceasare Willis, a.k.a. Tight Eyez, who also appears in the film. ”We dress krump like we dance. I like to wear stuff that makes me look kind of grimy, kind of rough. That’s what makes the clothes tight.”