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Jill Marie Jones prepares for TV childbirth

Jill Marie Jones prepares for TV childbirth — The ”Girlfriends” actress tells other thespians how to cope with their character’s pregnancy

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On UPN’s Girlfriends, real estate diva Toni Childs, played wickedly by Jill Marie Jones, prepares for motherhood — something Jones, 28, knows. . .nothing about. But she’s a quick study! Below, her tips to actresses expecting a bundle of joy on TV.

Get a comfy pregnancy suit. . .
”Thank God [mine is] a light pillow. Some have a weight in them like a beanbag. It actually changes your walk.”

. . .in several sizes.
”I have four bellies. I’m sick of it. You try on outfits; they don’t fit. So you try on another. I guess that’s pretty accurate, though.”

Reluctant moms make good TV. . .
”In early episodes, you’d hear Toni say she’s not good with kids — ‘Ewww, children, honey!”’

. . .but bad parents.
”People come up to me all the time and say, ‘I’m really Toni.’ And it’s like, ‘You’re saying that out loud?”’